Envoy Air Cadet Program – Everything you need to know

Are you dreaming of becoming an American Airline Pilot? Want to fly at American Airlines? If yes, you might have heard about the Envoy Air Cadet Program.

And if you are wondering what Envoy Air Cadet Program is, this article is for you. Here is everything about the MyEnvoyAir Program that smoothly transitions from your learning room to the flight deck.

Here is everything about the Envoy Cadet Program and how it can help you.

About Envoy Air Cadet Program

Envoy Air Cadet Program is a professional Pilot program that helps you to achieve your dream of becoming a pilot with a smooth transition from your class to the flight deck.

Envoy Air Cadet Program

After enrolling and applying for the program, your journey will include becoming an Envoy Cadet Instructor and Certified Flight Instructor. After reaching a certain level in the program, candidates will start earning as officially certified pilots and enjoy Envoy Employee benefits. 

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Cadet Program Levels

There are three levels of the Cadet program. Here are the details of all the cadet program levels: qualifications, requirements, and benefits.


You will require a Private Pilot Certificate as a qualification at this level. And you should be enrolled in a partner school and have a successful HD interview.

The benefit of this level is that you get mentorships and promotional materials.

Senior Cadet

The second level of the Envoy Air Cadet Program is Senior Cadet. For this level, you should be qualified with a Commercial Pilot Certificate with Multi-engine and Airplane ratings.

In addition to it, you must clear the HR and technical interview. The benefit of this level is that you can start your transition to the next level – Cadet Instructor- along with mentorships and promotional materials.

Cadet Instructor

The third and last level is Cadet Instructor. For this level, you should be qualified with a Certified Flight Instructor Certificate with Instrument Airplane Ratings.

Along with that, one should pass the Internal Review Board and sign a commitment letter. The benefits of this level are mentorships, promo materials, travel privileges, and employment benefits.

Once a candidate reaches the ATP/R-ATP minimum flight experience requirements, Envoy will take care of the expenses, including hotel accommodation and ground transportation of the qualified candidates (preparing for the ATP written exam for new hire training) for the ATP/CTP course.

After completing the ATP-CTP course and the ATP written exam, candidates will acquire a new hire class at Envoy.

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How Does Envoy Pilot Training Program Work

The complete Envoy Pilot Training Program works in five steps. Firstly, a candidate has to enroll at L3Harris, then be an Envoy cadet, subsequently work for experience, after all that, be an Envoy Pilot, and finally, fly at American Airlines. All these steps are described in detail below.

Enroll At L3Harris

First of all, you will have to enroll yourself in Envoy’s Professional Pilot Program, or you can also enroll in the Accelerated Airline Pilot Track.

Be an Envoy Cadet

After enrolling, you must apply to the Envoy Pilot Training Program. After applying, wait for the acceptance. Once accepted, you can take the next step toward your dream of being an American Airline Pilot.

Build Your Experience

Candidates who complete PPP or AAPT will go for an interview with a flight instructor at L3Harris, Florida. Now, you will be an Envoy Cadet Instructor, and you can get 1,500 flight hours for ATP.

Not only this, but you can start earning and enjoy benefits as an employee at Envoy.

Be an Envoy Airline Pilot

After collecting 1500 hours of flight, Envoy Air Cadet Program will provide candidates with their Airline Transport Pilot Certificate. Candidates will get a $10,000 bonus after completion of Envoy First Officer training.

Now, you will officially be an airline pilot. After that, candidates will get an additional bonus of $8000.

Fly at American Airlines

Now, you are all ready to fly at American Airlines. One can be upgraded to Captain in over two years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Envoy’s Cadet Program?

A. Envoy Air Cadet program is a step to help pilot students of promising commercial flight schools and universities achieve their career goals.
Envoy Air Cadet program allows students different aspects like financial assistance, travel and health benefits, and a chance to become an American Airlines pilot. 

Q. How long is Envoy pilot training?

A. The minimum training required is 15,000 hours to qualify for a First Officer. It requires 1,250 hours of training with a two- or 4-year aviation university program with 30 aviation hours.

It requires 1,000 hours of training with a two or 4-year aviation university program with 60 aviation hours. And for military flight training graduates, 750 hours of training is required.

Q. How much do Envoy pilots get paid?

A. The pay for Pilots at Envoy Air ranges from $22,325.76 per annum for a new first officer, which goes up to $89,190.72 per annum for a senior captain.

Q. What is the difference between Envoy Air and American Airlines?

A. Envoy Air is a wholly owned subsidiary of the world-famous American Airlines that works under American Eagle Airline.
Envoy Air is one of the best regional airlines that operate efficiently in terms of safety and providing facilities to passengers and employees.


Envoy Air Cadet Program is excellent for students willing to be professional pilots. The program allows you to work as a certified and paid instructor at Envoy.

After reaching a certain level in the program, a candidate will enjoy Envoy employee benefits and bonuses and start earning. With the help of the Envoy Air Cadet Program, candidates can achieve their dream job at Airlines and get a chance to fly at American Airlines too.

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